Another (sad face) Missed Tournament

So I recently remembered that I’m going to PAX Prime and will be there the last/first weekend of Augtember. This means I’m going to miss another tournament at my local hobby store (first Sunday of every month).

This kinda irks me as I keep missing tournaments and on top of that I’m putting together my Salamander army for no real reason as I don’t know if the next tournament will be a large point number game again. The sisters of Battle hold their own when it’s a small points game with enough Acts of Faith to pass around but larger games require more than just luck on a single dice roll (twin linked Acts of Faith with Uriah).

So I, again, didn’t get much done this weekend on my Salamanders. I got some Sternguard underway as well as added some scales to my Land Raider and drop pod. I think the scales came out really good. Now I just gotta wait for the bitz i’ve ordered to arrive to continue work on the Sternguard. I the mean time, I’ll be working on another squad of Tactical Marines and painting up some tanks.

Scaled Vehicles

Scaled Vehicles (I really like the texture of the scales.)

Sternguard in Progress

Sternguard in Progress

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