Hordes: Madrak Ironhide

Since I enjoy Warmachines and Iron Kingdoms,l I figured I’d get into Hordes as well and picked up a Trollbloods battlegroup.

I started painting with Madrak:

After priming him white, I painted his axe copper and silver, and his neckpiece turquoise (the colour I’m planning to use for the other Trollbloods’ skin), then went over with white.

2013-08-17 20.17.52


Then I finished painting his armour copper with golden highlights, and painted the scrolls. Painted his tartan red to start with.

2013-08-17 23.02.52 2013-08-17 23.03.00


Then I added the squares for the tartan pattern, and painted the edge of the base blue, which I plan to do for the whole faction.

2013-08-18 01.05.41 2013-08-18 01.05.51


Detail of his talisman and tartan

2013-08-18 01.06.12-2


Detail of his face

2013-08-18 01.06.21


Close up of the axe

2013-08-18 01.06.26


Close up of the tartan, from the back

2013-08-18 01.06.32

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