Two Day Tournament and Thoughts for a New Unit

Here I am in my first match against Michael getting my derriere given to me on a platter. It was a was either a major victory or a massacre, I truly can’t remember but I learned a lot and got an idea from his army (more on that later).

Tournament Day(s)

Here we are on day two. You can see my half painted army in the bottom left.

Day Two

At the end of the tournament, I had 1 loss, 1 draw, and 2 wins. Very fun and very informative. Thanks again, Will, and everyone over there at HobbyTown. It was great seeing everyone and getting to test out my new list.

So playing in my first game I came up against a player with lots of Daemon Spawn. Freaking toughness 6 spawn. I had never gone up against such things and the way they were modeled (Fantasy dryads ripping out of the backs of Ogryns) was plainly just ridiculous (in a good way).

So I think I’m gonna try my hand at a little conversion and kit-bashing again. The idea behind my Sister of Battle with IG allies army is that they are all females (event Jacobus has been converted) so I just picked up a box of Warhammer Fantasy Orges and, that’s right, I’m gonna put gas masks and boobs on them. On top on that, I’m gonna try to put some Ork weapons on the fantasy models as the guns the Orks use are essentially stolen anyways; this will be a bit of Ogryn payback.

I mean… They already have moobs, how far of a stretch is this gonna be?


I may have spoke too soon…


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