3D Printing Conversion Bits

So A few weeks ago, I decided to get into 3D printing and I bought a 3D printer on amazon.com. It seemed good for the price and people were giving it a great review (again for the price).

Sadly, the printer never showed up and seemed to get lost in the mail. I ordered another one.

Again, the printer got lost in the mail. Evidently, at least in my experience, these things fall off trucks. Like… a lot.

So I finally bit the bullet and decided to go the “generic rip off” way of things and picked up the same model and make as the printer I bought before, only without the logos and marketing and picked a Chinese knockoff on eBay for around 70% what I paid on Amazon (twice).

I have to tell you: it… is… amazing.

With no trouble at all I got the thing unpacked, leveled, aligned, calibrated and printing like a boss!

Here I am printing a black cube for funsies:

After the cube I printed the tank top conversion bit I’ve been working on in SketchUp Make for a while.

After cleaning up the bit. I placed it onto one of my Sister of Battle Adepta Sororitas Rhinos to convert it to an Immolator.

Tank Top Conversion

Tank Top Conversion

Last but not least, now I am printing out 4 more tank tops for my other rhinos. Looks to be about a 9 and a half hour long build.

Four Tank Tops

Four Tank Tops

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