Aegis Defense Line and Quad Gun and Thoughts About the Future of my Sisters of Battle Army

Put together a quad gun and cut out and scraped a box of Aegis Defense Line today. I hope the painting goes quick.

Aegis Defense Line

So I’ve been debating for the last 2 days about getting some Death Korps of Krieg infantry units from Forge World. The problems are two-fold.

  • Cost: The cost of the 5 units and 4 heavy weapon teams as well as a couple odds and ends to create a Master of Ordnance is around $490 (shipped). That’s, at that point, around $4.50 a model which is even more expensive than a fully metal Sisters of Battle Army.
  • Too many models unpainted, un-assembled, or partially painted models already: As Avistew has pointed out, I have a lot of started armies but nothing really complete.
    My current stuff:

    • 100% painted 1750pts Sister of Battle list
    • 90% paint-complete 1500pts Blood Angel list
    • About 20% paint-complete 2000pts Salamanders list
    • 50% paint-complete Tyranid list
    • 10% paint-complete Dark Vengeance box
    • Primed 500pts Orkz list
    • Primed 500pts Necrons list
    • Primed 1000pts Chaos Space Marines list
    • Primed 1000pts Chaos Daemons list
    • Six boxes of scraped and assembled Wall of Martyrs – Imperial Defence Lines and Bunkers
    • Unpainted X’Lanthos Faction Starter Set
    • Three unpainted Kingdom Death: Monster Pinups
    • A couple un-assembled and unpainted Warhammer Fantasy terrain set pieces
    • A load of unpainted Reaper – Bones models on their way (around 500 individual models)
    • A load of More Kingdom Death: Monster table top game and pinups on their way

    As you can see, that is a lot of unfinished hobby.

I wish I knew for certain what to do.

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