More Tanks #thedailypaint and New Sisters of Battle (Greenstuff Robes)

Just sitting here watching Last Resort on Hulu and painting on my Sisters of Battle tanks.

My trifecta of edge highlighting colors include (All from the new Citadel line of paints):
Altdorf Guard Blue
Temple Guard Blue
White Scar

I also painted the iconography bits on the front and sides with Tin Bitz and all the trim on the tanks are in a few thin but opaque coats of Mephicton Red.

My previous project (New Sister of Battle figures) is on hold for a bit as I’m missing some bits. I have my heads on order from Hasslefree Miniatures.

The biggest gripe about the new minis is the greenstuff robes. Here’s a couple of pics to show the robs I put together for the minis.

Bear in mind that the back of the torso is still very much Dark Eldar but when I glue on a back pack all will come together.

What I rally need to find are just a boat load (60 or so) of the female Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior torsos (there are only 3 per box of 10) and the same goes for their legs. On top of that, there are only two Daemonette corsets that fit the SoB and lack the Slaaneshi iconography in a box of ten Daemonettes.

All told, the cost per mini sits at: ~$50
That doesn’t include about 1-2 hours of labor assembling each.

Itemized list:
Two boxes (Kabalite Warriors and Daemonettes): $30 each ($60)
Backpacks from the metal SoB troops: $17 for 3 ($5.75)
The heads from Hasslefree Miniatures: £4.00 + S&H ($12)
Bolters from Forgeworld: £11.00 + S&H for 10 ($3 each)
Greenstuff (when not buying in bulk) per robe/tabbard: $0.12
New bag of Styrene Plastic: $8

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