Hordes: Madrak Ironhide

Since I enjoy Warmachines and Iron Kingdoms,l I figured I’d get into Hordes as well and picked up a Trollbloods battlegroup.

I started painting with Madrak:

After priming him white, I painted his axe copper and silver, and his neckpiece turquoise (the colour I’m planning to use for the other Trollbloods’ skin), then went over with white.

2013-08-17 20.17.52


Then I finished painting his armour copper with golden highlights, and painted the scrolls. Painted his tartan red to start with.

2013-08-17 23.02.52 2013-08-17 23.03.00


Then I added the squares for the tartan pattern, and painted the edge of the base blue, which I plan to do for the whole faction.

2013-08-18 01.05.41 2013-08-18 01.05.51


Detail of his talisman and tartan

2013-08-18 01.06.12-2


Detail of his face

2013-08-18 01.06.21


Close up of the axe

2013-08-18 01.06.26


Close up of the tartan, from the back

2013-08-18 01.06.32

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Dreadfleet – Grimnir’s Thunder

Grimnir's ThunderNote: I am using the paint names written on the pots I used. Some are from the old Citadel range, some are from the new one.

Sean built all the ships from Dreadfleet before I started painting any of them, so I painted Grimnir’s Thunder after it was built. While I wouldn’t recommend you do the same if you just now bought the game (most ships would be easier to paint prior to being assembled), it’s certainly not impossible to do.
So if you’ve already glued it all together, no worries, you’re not doomed.

After priming the whole thing black, I painted the hull in Chainmail and the detail in Shining Gold. For the green panels, I used Caliban Green as a base. Inside the ship, I mostly used Chainmail and Shining Gold as well, with Ceramite White for the blimp and Tin Bitz for the engine.
Then I went over the green with Warpstone Glow, washed the Chainmail in Nuln Oil and the Shining Gold in Gryphone Sepia, and finally drybrushed some chainmail over the gold after the wash had dried, so that it would look more “used”.

Wheel detail

For the sea, I used Macragge Blue, then drybrushed it with Temple Guard Blue and finally Ceramite White, making sure to use more white behind the wheels.

Grimnir's ThunderAll in all, apart from having to reach inside, which was not always very practical, Grimnir’s Thunder was relatively simple and fast. Out of the ships I have painted so far (Helden Hammer, Bloody Reaver, Flaming Scimitar and Black Cracken being the others), this was both the fastest and simplest. Not many colours, no lettering, and the model itself is smaller than a lot of them.

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