Road to LVO 2017 (213 Days To Go!)

213 days to go to LVO 2017!

Tickets came on sale this past week and I’m all signed up. I’ve already put my feelers out there so see what I want to field at next year’s big tournament in Vegas. So far I’ve come up with something similar to, but very far from what I’ve played in the past. Let me tell you first that I am by far an Imperial/Emperor fanboy and have thoroughly enjoyed fighting for the God Emperor for many years. I don’t think of them as the “good guys” by a long shot but do enjoy the mythos surrounding the Imperium and vast and thick fog that surrounds much of the history of mankind. In that vein, The last many years (5) of playing Warhammer 40K have been filed with Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Sisters of Battle and Imperial Knights. (Mostly Imperial Knights in the last 2 years.)

That being said, my current thoughts of what to put on the table next February are a CAD of Fateweaver, and two units of Horrors along with a Chaos Paladin Knight. Beside them is a team of double Avenger-Gatling-Cannon-wielding Renegade Knights.

Throwing a little mathhammer around with just the Renegade Knights, that would be:

MEQs without cover: (2/3 to hit) * (5/6 to wound) * 48 shots = 26 wounds
Rhino without cover: (2/3 to hit) * (1/3 to glance/pen) * 48 shots = 10 hull points

As a side note, I am also toying with the idea of running a 3rd Renegade Knight instead of the Chaos variant with the same loadout as the other Renegade Knights and upping my shot output to 72 Str6 AP3 Rending shots per round.

Just the idea of playing a Heretic/Xenos army is baffling and alien (puns intended) to me. I have very little experience playing against non-Imperial armies. In fact, this past LVO, I played 5 our of 6 games versus Imperial armies. (And out of those 5, three of them were 9+ Drop Pod lists.)

I am interested in what others think about these ideas. Let me know on my Facebook page.

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