You Adapted to the Imperial Knights Codex. I Was Born in It.


So the new Codex: Imperial Knights is freaking nuts. No more Seneschals or Knightly Ranks.

The Lord Baron (the new Seneschal) loses an initiative but can now buy 1 of 6 Heirlooms of the Knightly Houses.

Primary and Allied detachments have been replaced by Household (3-5 Knights; choose one to be your Lord Baron) and Oathsworn detachments (1-3 Knights).

All Knights are considered to be Lords of War now. (So tournaments better not negate an entire faction by limiting the number of Knights by allowing only a single Lord of War. I’mm looking at you, BAO and LVO.)

That should make getting lots of Victory Points for people when playing the Alter of War Escalation mission. (Receive 1 VP for every 3HP you pull off a LoW)

A big one for me is that if you choose Knights to be your primary detachment then all your knights gain Objective Secured.

Something that is funny to me but is very situational is the new Hurl rule that allows you to use a monstrous creature or vehicle as a large blast weapon against your enemies.

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