The Daily Paint Update X3! #thedailypaint

1) Finished the two Blood Angel Drop Pods a few days ago.

  • Primed them both inside and out in The Army Painter’s Dragon Red.
  • On the accent areas I painted Dheneb Stone.
  • Over the Dheneb Stone I painted Ushabti Bone.
  • I painted the chapter symbols and the Aguilla eagle on the doors.
  • I applied Averland Sunset Base to the edges of the doors.
  • I applied Sunburst Yellow to the edges of the doors.
  • I masked off the edges of the inner doors with Tamiya 6mm masking tape.
  • I added masked lines on the edges of the doors and burnished them in very carefully.
  • I painted Chaos Black to the non-masked areas of the door edges.
  • I carefully removed the masking tape from the doors.
  • I painted all the bits that were meant to be bare metal Boltgun Metal.
  • I highlighted the bare metal bits with Chainmail paint.
  • I washed the entire model excluding the Ushabti Bone areas and the previously masked door edges with Nuln Oil.
  • I washed the Ushabti Bone Areas and rivits with with Gryphon Sepia.
  • I applied Nuln Oil to the doors where I felt weathering would occur.
  • Finally, I added a super light blue to the dots on the doors to look like exit lights.

2) Assault Marine (Forgecraft Fire & Brimstone) Bases

  • Started applying the colors I use for Dreadnought Blood Talons in reverse order.
  • Heavy paint of Sunburst Yellow as the main color on the base.
  • Dry brushed orange over the yellow. Not really avoiding the deep cracks yet.
  • Dry brushed Evil Suns Scarlet over the orange and yellow leaving a bit of orange behind.
  • Dry brushed Mephiston Red over the base leaving a bit of the lighter red behind.
  • Dry brushed Khorne Red over the lighter red leaving a bit of Mephiston Red behind.
  • Dry brushed brown over the red leaving a bit of Khorne Red behind.
  • I used a pin vise to drill holes into the bases at their highest part.
  • I placed my pinned Assault Marines into the bases to check for dry fitting.
  • Glue will be added later after painting the Marines.

3) Built a shelf to hold my models and remind me about how much of a slacker I am about painting.

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