Dark Vengeance Dark Angels Tactical Squad #thedailypaint

I finally started painting up my Dark Vengeance Dark Angels. Started with my tactical squad.

Steps taken thus far:
1) Primed in Army Painter Angel Green spray paint.
2) Washed entire model in a heavy coat Citadel Coelia Greenshade
3) Heavy dry brushed Citadel Snot Green (now called Warpstone Glow) over all the armor bits.
4) Lightly dry brushed Citadel Goblin Green (dunno what the new color is called) over all the armor bits.
5) Lightly dry brushed Caliban Green (dunno what the old color is called) over all the armor bits; making sure to leave the glow of the lighter greens to show through.
6) Painted the robe of the sergeant and the chests of all the tactical marines with Citadel Dheneb Stone (now called Rakarth Flesh)
7) Started painting (not finished) the joint ribbing Citadel Abaddon Black (formerly called Chaos Black)

Please, let me know what you think.

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