My Obliterator conversion.

  • Started by getting an AOBR Terminator set from eBay.
  • I cut out the termmie head from the main body.
  • I found a head from a bin full of CSM: Possessed bits and replaced the termmie head.
  • I started attaching arms like the multi-melta and plasma canon.
  • I cut the hand off the heavy lasgun and attached a flamer to the inside left arm.
  • I added an auto-rocket loader arm and had it grabbing a plasma rifle.
  • Just for kicks I added a pintle-mounted rocket launcher even though the model doesn’t have one.
  • Second to lastly, I added the staff-head from a Chaos Personal Icon to the oblitz back.
  • Finally, I tightened everything up with a ton of glue and an ammo box to hide all the conduits from the guns on his back.


Notice the sweet pintle-mounted action!

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